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Breads are naturally leavened with fresh sourdough and fresh-milled locally sourced organic flours. They are hand mixed and shaped over a 36 hour period to build flavor and volume naturally. This slow fermentation process yields full-flavored loaves with richly caramelized crust and an airy moist crumb. Loaves last several days at room temperature and flavors continue to develop as they age. All breads freeze exceptionally well. 



Andrew has been working with food his whole life and crafting home sourdough breads and pastries for over 20 years. After an early career as a chef and pastry maker, he gleaned inspiration from great bakers like Joe Ortiz, Peter Reinhart and Nancy Silverton and perfected his techniques and recipes as a weekend baker while enjoying work as a food product developer.


Noticing a lack of quality fresh breads available in the Salinas and Monterey areas and a resurgence of small-scale wheat farming around the country, he began sourcing whole grains direct from small farmers and sharing his bread and pastries with friends and neighbors. With friendly encouragement, the time seemed right to expand his reach to others in the community. Secret Bakery was born in early 2020!

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