Weekend Orders

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Secret Bakery Summer Break!

Hello friends & neighbors! We are taking a summer break in July for some rest and relaxation. We will be back Saturday, August 7th at the Salinas Farmers Market.


1. Order by noon each Thursday

2. Select pick-up location at checkout

3. Stop by and grab your goods that weekend!



Bakery Pick-Up

Saturday: 8AM-1 PM

If the gate is not open please dial 430 or 098 on the call box to be let in.

Farmers Market Pick-Ups

Saturday: 9-2 Salinas Farmers Market

Sunday: 8-1 Flora's Farm (Greenfield)

Home Delivery

At this time we are no longer going to be delivering to the Monterey and Salinas area on Wednesday's. Please stop by and see us at the Salinas Farmers Market on Saturdays!



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